Sports Sponsorships & Data

I recently read a report on sports sponsorships and data by @YOU GOV.

According to the report, the sponsorship market in sports is one of the fastest-growing segments. It is expected to increase from $52 billion in 2020 to $90 billion by 2027.

This market is dominated by football, which accounts for 36% of the total.

Women’s sports account for only 7% of total sponsorship money.

The brands on the sponsorship landscape are changing as a result of a diverse set of industries. It is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd in this crowded marketplace. For both sellers and buyers, this is where data comes into play. Due diligence can result in better sponsorship acquisition and activation.

MY OPINION- Data is a powerful agent of change. When used correctly, it can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships. It will assist sellers in opening the doors to buyers.

I’ll be writing a few blogs about sponsorships and how they affect women’s sports in the coming weeks.